About Me

A Little Bit About Me…

If you are wondering who the person behind the musings is, you are in the right place……. I’m a thirty something mum of 3 fabulously crazy children, I run my own business as freelance hairdresser and hd brows stylist and am currently studying some holistic therapies in an attempt to feel more fulfilled. I had my first child at 21 so have spent most of my adult life as a parent and while at first I loved just being a mum after my second the time did arrive when I wanted to be more than that, so I opened a toyshop… which I loved but unfortunately the recession was not kind and after I fell pregnant with my third baby I closed it down.


I started to feel like time was running out to achieve anything and when old dreams resurfaced I wanted to contribute more to the world and the family finances. I started to feel more and more desperate to do something or have something for me, I decided to go back into hairdressing and I’ve built Barnets & Brows up over the last few years to an easy part time business that fits around my children.

I have previously dabbled in various businesses, including some mlm’s, but more often than not, I felt run ragged and totally frazzled the majority of the time. To add to my already busy schedule, I took all 3 children out of school in 2016 to home educate them (a story for another time), however, my youngest (6) has decided to return to school in the New Year, which I am fine with – life is all about finding balance and in order to achieve this, you must first try different things to see what works best to calm the frazzle!

Not another blog……..

So, with now more time on my hands I have decided to just bite the bullet and get on with something I have put off for too long!  I’ve mulled over ideas for this blog for over a year but the inner critic kept piping up, procrastination and excuses ensued, all preventing me from ever really starting.

I’ve wanted to write since I was a child and whilst I’m well aware that there are a million blogs out there all with probably much more talented writers than me, I know there are many more frazzled mammas out there who might appreciate the honesty and support they will find here.

This blog will not be a soapbox from which to broadcast my domestic goddess skills, I think at 34 I’ve only felt like a domestic goddess twice and both times probably just looked like an average day to most people.  I’m the person that avoids Pinterest because the plethora of perfectly captured pictures of insanely clever and crafty ideas for every nook and cranny of life leaves me feeling highly inadequate!

Nor will this be a dark, miserable place of ranting and whining.  I’m not one to judge, we all have our own ways of getting through life and admittedly some seem better than others at it, but for the majority of us it’s hard and we often feel we are just doing it all wrong. So, I’ve just decided to document the journey on my search for a less frazzled more present life as a busy working mother and home educator with hopes and dreams just like everyone else.

The big vision…..

What am I hoping to achieve here? Personally, I hope for a life that has less frazzle, less dwelling on hindsight and more loving and living in the moment.  Less time spent moping about all the things I can’t do in my current situation and more time spent asking what I CAN do in my current situation and HOW I can achieve things.

I will keep it realistic, yes, I am keen on a toxin free healthy lifestyle, but I’m also aware of the world we live in and the difficulties it presents in living this way. I hope that by airing these thoughts with others it may just spark somebody else to change their thinking too. I will be looking at and reviewing products and services that we all need and use, hopefully to save you time looking for the right things and hopefully getting you discounts where possible.

I have some other ideas and plans up my sleeve but for the time being they will remain there. Please watch this space and get in touch with your thoughts – well, only if they are kind… if they aren’t please simply keep them to yourself and don’t read my blog if it annoys you 🙂