If, like me, you suffer from dry skin you may also, like me, struggle to find products that really work.

Winter is hard on all skin types. With bitter cold air outside, layer upon layer of clothing and dry indoor air from central heating all contributing to dry, chapped, sore or itchy skin…. or in my case all of the above!! So I’ve put together a little list of my favourite must have winter product for dry skin….


This lip balm is sooooo good, literally a life changer. I have quite full lips and come autumn they become dry, cracked and incredibly sore. To help you, I have tried a fair few lip balms over the years. In a bid to sooth this unsightly issue and, more  importantly, ensure the matter isn’t made worse.  I’ve avoided Carmex in the past after trying it once and not loving the tingle. However, after a friend highly recommended it and being particularly desperate this winter I gave it another go.  The tingle actually disappears pretty quickly and wow, is it worth it! My lips are actually soft and supple again. The moisturising effect lasts for hours but isn’t sticky or greasy, nor is it drying on the throat. This my No 1 top winter saviour!


This is a great all-rounder and loved by celebs and models as well as us normal folk!  This cream is really thick and buttery as well as highly nourishing. Weleda are totally plant based and toxin free so there is only goodness in their products – this one in particular is bursting with it.  The heavy oil base ensures a lasting effect so it also acts as an effective barrier cream. It’s great for dry hands, minor skin rashes and dry skin, I even use it to protect my little ones delicate cheeks from wind burn.  I am a hairdresser and in the past frequently had a dermatitis rash across my knuckles or the skin on my thumb would split. This now protects my hands beautifully from all the water and products, keeping them in much better condition. You can even use it to nourish and condition a beard!


Still with my hands for a minute, the other problem area is my cuticles.  I, like most, don’t take enough care of my hands and my cuticles just need a little extra help at times. I am blessed with strong nails and naturally white tips but my cuticles do let the side down.  After receiving a bottle of this oil in my Love Lula beauty box, I popped it by my bed and made it part of my routine when I got into bed to rub some on. It doesn’t have much smell and was absorbed in really quickly whilst still feeling nourished, meaning I could still then hold my kindle without getting oil all over it. I noticed a big difference straight away. My cuticles feeling much softer and more supple as well as looking much better!


Another great all-rounder to be honest but in particular, I want to mention hair. It’s so hard to find a decent hair oil or smoothing product that doesn’t contain silicone. I went right back to basics with almond oil, it is quite thick so a little goes a long way. I started running some through my hair when it was wet and the results were obvious once dry. My hair was so soft and the frizz of my naturally curly-ish hair was actually tamed a little!  I would advise caution if you have very fine hair and stay away from oily roots, but if you have a dry itchy scalp or your hair just needs some TLC I highly recommend trying this cheap, clean wonder oil.


Again this is a product I received in my beauty box and I LOVE it. The active ingredient is birch juice and it contains no added water so you know it isn’t bulked out with useless ingredients and this really shows. The biggest difference I have ever noticed with a night cream is a nice soft face the next day. With this little beauty my skin looks clearer, the skin tone was more even and I was left feeling lovely and soft. The best part though, it absorbs into the skin; so no greasy shiny night cream face before bed!