Here are my top 5 beauty products to get you ready for Autumn.

Soo many products out there… how do we choose, well hopefully this list will help get you started, honestly reviewed from my own personal purchases here are my current 5 favourite products.

1. Coco & Eve 5 in 1 coconut & Fig hair masque.

I often tell my clients they need to use a hair masque, “get a good one and sleep in it if you can” I tell them….. yet I rarely followed my own advice, occasionally pulling some coconut or Morrocan oil through my hair and leaving it braided was the extent of my masquing technique! So when I stumbled across an ad on Instagram for Coco & Eve and read all the rave reviews I was more than a little curious, I contacted a client whose hair was also in need of some TLC and we went halves on the besties pack which saved us both a few quid so I highly recommend doing that.

Needless to say I was very impressed, not only has it made it onto the top of this list but I have also done a full review along with how I applied it with pictures which you can find here.  This masque left my hair luxuriously soft and smelling amazing, it wasn’t heavy or greasy and rinsed out easily with no residue and the best part is that it is sulfate, phthalate, paraben, gluten and cruelty free, colour safe, Peta approved and 100% vegan.  This is a great year round product but using it now will restore lost moisture to parched summer hair and bolster it against the months ahead of colder outdoor air and dry artificially heated indoor environments.

2.Weleda Iris face moisturiser

I really love this range from Weleda, Iris is their moisture balancing range so will keep skin perfectly hydrated and happy again as we switch between colder outdoor air to warm dry indoor air in the coming months, although aimed at the 20’s age range I am 35 and found it perfect for balancing my dry/sensitive/combination skin and keeping it on a much more even keel.  My skin tone looked better and the dryness/oily patches were much more in balance making this a firm favourite.

3. Body Shop Matt Lip Liquid

Though not the cleanest of brands out there I did recently try this as they have now been taken over by Natura rather than L’Oreal putting them back on the right tracks at least…. anyway…. one of my good friends recently started selling Body Shop so I, having a rather limited makeup collection, tried this matt lip liquid and was really impressed, it gave a lovely modern matt finish (obviously) wasn’t sticky or bobbly and stayed put for ages… so I bought 2!!  It’s available in 17 shades there is something for everyone and it is 100% vegetarian and gluten free making it a must have for your autumn make-up bag.

4. Balm Balm Beauty Balms                                                                          

I received the Beauty Balm and the Little Miracle Rosehip Balm in LoveLula beauty boxes and they are amazing, the rosehip one makes a fantastic night cream for the face and is also really great on my eczema patches but both are great all round multi-taskers, I use them for kids faces to protect against or sooth dry chapped skin, eczema, dry, flaky or irritated skin, lips… literally anywhere! They are 100% organic, they smell and feel amazing and I can’t big them up enough making them easily one of my top 5 Autumn products.

5. Madara Brightening AHA Peel face mask

Again this came in a Love Lula beauty box and was my first experience of using AHA’s, which, for those who don’t know are alpha hydroxy acids and they work by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells making them easier to remove thus giving a softer, smoother and brighter surface making AHA products great for dull, congested skin or even a complexion that just needs a pick me up.  I can definitely vouch for this one, as with all Madara products it smells great and as they are certified by ECOCERT you can trust that nothing harmful is going onto your skin.  This can be a little tingly at first but even after using it just once my skin was noticeably softer with a more even skin tone and a brighter appearance.

So that is my top 5 recommended products to get you through this Autumn, just to make you aware this page does contain some affiliate links though this has had no influence on my reviews and everything I write is genuine and honest.


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