So what are high definition brows or HD Brows anyway?

Brows for a long time have been overlooked with most people tidying their own or getting a quick wax at the local beauty salon. It was a quick lesson bundled in with the rest of the waxing section in a general beauty qualification. Nowadays, there are salons that only do brows and my course in HD Brows was 2 days in a specially dedicated training salon.

Fashions over the decades have seen everything from no eyebrows to the thinnest possible rounded arch. Even the “tadpole” with a big bulb near the nose and a thin arch to the tail.  More recently of course we have seen eyebrows take centre stage gaining definition and colour and a beautifully angled arch. There are those that take it too far of course and we then see big thick, black shapes at harsh angles. This completely overshadows the faces of otherwise pretty young girls. With the help of a YouTube tutorial we can even learn how to create a plaited brow effect!!

So where does the High Definition service sit among all of this?

Well, let me tell you my High Definition story….. a few years back I was just a hairdresser with horrendous brows!!! I had never paid that much attention to them other than plucking every little hair that dared show its face beyond the realm of the thin wiggly line!! MY friend on Facebook showed me plenty of “before and after” pictures of HD Brows, I was instantly impressed. So much so, that I actually contacted her and booked the next available slot. It was a month away and I was advised to stop plucking immediately! I was horrified. I was going to look awful, but she assured me it would be worth it. Against my better judgement, I did as I was told.  After a few short weeks I noticed something, when I looked in a mirror from a short distance, my brows were already looking better. The extra fullness from the hair growth really was making a noticeable difference.  Who knew?!

The day of my appointment arrived and I was excited. After an in depth consultation to ensure the brows were tailored to my liking I settled back into the chair and let her work her magic.

After cleansing my brows the tint was blended and applied for only a few minutes. They were then wiped off dry, this allows the tint to keep working whilst the brows are shaped.  After some measurement with the threading cotton the wax was then used to create the main shape. I was growing hair back in to achieve a better shape, because of this she only took hair from where we didn’t want it, leaving some areas to continue growing.

This wax process was different to normal. With the wax being removed in small increments rather than one big strip along the brow, this allowed for more control over the shape and gave better definition.  After using a soothing oil to remove any traces of wax, came the threading. An ingenious technique using some twisted cotton to pull any remaining hairs out.  This was to blend them between the bald waxed area and the soft vellus hair covering the forehead.  Plus it removes any excess “fluff”, this step makes a huge difference to the end result in my opinion.

My brows were then wiped with Vanish to remove any remaining tint and stop it activating any further and a dusting of mineral powder was applied to conceal the redness, the final tweezing was done, again a meticulous and important step in creating that beautifully defined brow and one in which she didn’t rush.

The final step was to apply some brow makeup to show how I could colour them in myself and to see what they would look like once fully grown in and then I looked in the mirror…..  Wow!

What a difference, I could hardly believe they were my brows, they were sleek and full and they matched! Not only each other but the colour of my hair too!  I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror for the next few days. I felt made up even with no makeup on. After a few more treatments at 4 week intervals they were perfect and fully grown back. I had spent years envying my sisters brows thinking that mine couldn’t possibly look like hers and yet they now did. I was so impressed that I then went on to train in this wonderful service myself!!

That was four years ago and I still absolutely love transforming peoples brows, a good brow can really lift a face, take years off, give confidence and save time applying makeup.  I offer all clients free lessons in applying brow makeup if need be as well as advice on products.  I have the pleasure of being involved in some really amazing brow transformations and it NEVER gets old!